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[Alexis ROM 7.3][02/02/2019][Android 9 ZSAI-FEB_PATCHES-OFFICIAL PIE]

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    • [Alexis ROM 7.3][02/02/2019][Android 9 ZSAI-FEB_PATCHES-OFFICIAL PIE]

      Für diejenigen die wie ich nicht auf das offizielle Android 9 Pie Update warten möchten ,hab ich hier eine sehr gute Custom Rom die ich selbst seit einer Woche auf meinem S8 am laufen habe.
      Ich habe die Rom nicht Clean sondern dirty direkt auf meine Car HD Anroid 8 Custum Rom geflasht und diese läuft absolut sauber und flüssig auf meinem Phone.

      AlexisXDA wrote:

      I will be aware of your problems caused by root like tripped knox... When you flash something like this you may know about the risks you are going to find in!

      SM-G95xF/FD/N supported.
      Based on 2nd beta Android 9 S8/S8+ Firmware with February's security patches (ZSAI).
      Odexed, Zipaligned and Hardly Debloated for best performance and better battery.
      Dolby Atmos working always.
      All Google and Samsung Apps always updated.
      Disabled RMM Lock.
      iOS Notification's sounds and ringtones.
      Screen Recorder enabled in notification panel.
      And much more, don't worry if the rom size is big, it contains all you need .


      Was ist drin ?

      Select Features to install
      Accessibility functions
      Easy Launcher
      Edge Features
      Samsung Gear support
      GearVR Support
      Samsung Magnifier
      Samsung Cloud
      Samsung Print
      S-Finder and Quick Connect
      Smart Switch support
      Sim Toolkit
      TTS Services
      Wifi Direct
      Samsung DEX support
      LED Cover Support
      Samsung Mirror Link
      VPN Support
      USSD Codes

      Select Samsung Apps
      Samsung Bixby
      Samsung Browser
      Samsung Health
      Samsung Calculator App
      Samsung Calendar App
      Samsung Clock App
      Samsung Galaxy App
      Samsung My Files
      Samsung Weather
      Samsung Music
      Game Launcher
      Photo and Video Editor Apps

      Select build.prop tweaks
      Multi user option
      Increase image quality to 100
      Disable SPCM app killer

      Select CSC features
      Camera during call
      Camera shutter sound
      Air Message
      SMS Backup
      SMS to MMS convertion
      More SMS Option
      Call blocking
      Network speed
      LTE Only
      Smart Manager Tweaks (Ultra Data Saving, Power Planning, Opera Max)
      Data Usage toggle
      Call recorder
      Advanced wifi settings

      Choose Root method

      Choose sound mod
      Stock sound
      Stock dual speaker audio

      Install Viper or no
      If you install it Dolby won't work

      Install YT Vanced or no
      Install Stock or 1060+ fonts package

      Choose emoji's package
      Samsung Emoji
      iOS 11 Emoji's



      1. Download die und kopiere sie auf dein Phone
      2. Flash diese im Recovery (zb. TWRP)
      3. Folge den Aroma Installer Anweisungen
      4. Reboote dein Phone und freue Dich

      Bekannte Probleme (Bugs)


      ALEXIS ROM 7.3



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      @Noxxxious for his awesome kernel
      @Tkkg1994 for his CSC Selection
      Kein support für Internet-Sharing!

      Bitte füllt euer Profil aus (Box und Image) ,das erleichtert es uns Euch zu helfen

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