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Firmware 2.35p CT2000

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    • Firmware 2.35p CT2000

      - V*i*a*s*a*t N*D*S
      - C*a*n*a*l*D*i*g*i*t*a*l*N*L I*r*d*e*t*o 2 ( note: only model 2500/3100 )

      2.f_i_x_e_d support:
      - N*D*S S*k*y*I*t*a*l*i*a c*a*r*d*s
      - T*i*v*u*s*a*t N*a*g*r*a c*a*r*d
      - T*N*T v*i*a-c*a*r*d (AES support added)

      Zum Eintrag in der Datenbank

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