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[Plugin] Oscam Status

    • [Plugin] Oscam Status


      Puhvogel wrote:

      OSCam a simple and efficient plug-in, designed by Puhvogel, to view information, status, card, etc., required of emu vs.

      Just under "Server setup" return the same config files you have in "oscam.conf" under "webif" precisely

      httpport = vs porta
      httpuser = vs user
      httppwd = vs psswd

      OscamStatus Plugin by puhvogel modified by Pr2 2011-2018 v.1.0
      This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
      the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
      Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.


      Version 1.0
      • Add french translation
      • Support for Full HD skin (full screen log)
      Version 1.1
      • Autoconfiguration: it will retrieve the running OScam setup automatically when no config file found
      • configuration file moved and renamed to /etc/enigma2/oscamstatus.cfg
      Version 1.2
      • Improve Autodetect
      • Autodetected server name is not saved nor read from configuration file
      Version 1.3
      • Fully adapted screens for Full HD
      • Provid is now also displayed (useful for Seca & Viaccess)
      • Support E2 picon by name
      Neue Version 0.61r3 Änderungen:[b] Bugfix: Anpassung auf Änderung ecmhistoryNew version 0.61r0changes:
      • From 6793 on "all clients" dialog instead of the IP address "timeonchannel" appears
      • Display of Picon (format 50x30) switchable via menu button
      • Be the name of the service reference picon file MUST be evaluated only srvid - Incorrect display possible
      • In Polish translation (thanks to Kosmacz)
      • Installation of TARGET_ARCH ipk = "all"
      • New Version 0.60r0
      • New design with frameless windows (thanks to Ketschuss for the icons)
      • Adjustable xoffset of the window to compensate for the overscan (accessed through the menu button)
      • Adaptation of the thread handling to the OE 2.0
      Translation into German (again, thanks for the support of Ketschuss)

      ]New version 0.50r2

      • Support for SSL
      New version 0.50r0changes:

      • ]Enter the server address as a possible text
      • New dialogue "Global Setup" menu button on the main dialog:
      • Adjustable (yes / no) indication of the plugin in the Extensions menu
      • Adjustable (yes / no) Display ECM Time into the "connected" dialogs
      • Adjustable (yes / no) server IP address as always
      New version 0.50r1

      • Fix: When was the setting server address as a text no "." be entered
      New version 0.50r2

      • Bugfix: When an active SSL connection no child's downloads

      New version 0.41r0

      • ACTIVE = green, yellow = ON, OFF = red) display status of the AU as a green / yellow / red icon
      • lour coding of lines in the log (reader = yellow, green proxy = write, emm = orange, rejected or invalid password = red) Cosmetic code ..

      New version 0.40r0
      • Amended operating concept, e.g. all the info's on yellow button
      • Marking of table columns
      • Display of the AU status as ACTIVE, OFF and ON
      • New Dialog "show all readers" to enable / disable selected by the reader (from 5773)
      • Reader restart function removes (xml api was not functional)[b]Oscam-Status v0.30
      • OSCam a simple and efficient plug-in, designed by Puhvogel, to view information, status, card, etc., required of emu vs.

      version 0.30r0
      • New menu item "server restart / shutdown
      • Displays any buttons in the dialogs
      • arious changes e.g. to the main download class

      thx @ puhvogel & Pr2
      Kein support für Internet-Sharing!

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