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Instruction for E2 image***XEOBOX HDCI+7200 - XEOBOX HDS 7119

    • Instruction for E2 image***XEOBOX HDCI+7200 - XEOBOX HDS 7119

      Instruction for E2 image***XEOBOX HDCI+7200 - XEOBOX HDS 7119

      [Basic information]

      * root_A : HDS 7119
      * root_B : HDCI+7200
      * uImage : common to all single tuner models.

      [Preperation before install E2]

      1. Update your boot loader --- 'UpdateLoaderLx.x6' version(Latest version) by Booting upgrade mode.
      (Turn on your receiver with pressing CHANNEL UP button on the front panel until COMPLETE message shows up)

      2.USB Memory
      * Bootable USB memory required.
      * File system must be FAT32. (Recommend FAT32 format in advance)
      * High performacne USB memory recommended.
      (If USB memory stick is old or performace is low, USB booting can be failed.)

      [E2 Installation]

      1. Save uImage (common to all models) and root.img (specific to each model) to your USB memory.
      You need to remove "_A" from "root_A" and the file name will be "root.img".
      2. Connect the USB memory stick to receiver. (Rear or Front side)
      3. Turn on the receiver with pressing CHANNEL DOWN button on the front panel, until SCAN message shows up.
      4. The front display will show 'ON' first, then keep showing some messages more.
      * 'ON' means that reading E2 image from the USB memory is started.
      5. 'ENIGMA2' logo displays for a while.
      6. After displaying E2 logo, if your screen is black, you can select your output mode by pressing channel Up & Down botton on your RCU.
      Once select your output mode, you have to press OK button to adapt it.
      (Currnet output mode will display on your front LCD or VFD)
      C = Component
      H = HDMI
      HC = HDMI-PC
      S = Scart

      6. Now Enjoy E2 !
      ** After installation is finished well, E2 is available whenever your USB memory is connected to receiver before turn-on.

      !!!!! [Important Notice] !!!!!

      * Do not dis-connect USB memory from the receiver while E2 is working.
      * When turn off the receiver, go to deep standby mode by pressing power button for 4seconds (RCU).
      If not, channel date couldn't be saved and/or booting fail could happen.
      In case of booting fail, you have to turn off/on & reboot 1~2times to recover.

      <Roll back to original S/W>
      1. Turn-off receiver
      2. Dis-connect USB memmory from the receiver, then turn-on the receiver.

      Special Thanks PKT Team

      Mia san Mia und Mia san Tripel