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PKT Nebula V3 Image für IP Box 55 HD

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    • PKT Nebula V3 Image für IP Box 55 HD

      Dieses Image macht aus eurer IPBox die Perfekte Multimedia Maschine.

      Neues verbessertes Mountcenter für NFS und CIFS Freigaben.
      Verbessete Skin.
      Stabiler, besser, Schöner

      Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-446X PKT SVN-1840 NEBULA v3 Image

      Support receiver: IPBOX 55
      Kernel stm24-211

      Added by sh4 Duckbox Team:

      update pngquant version 1.1
      clear all buffers on demux error
      Fix SCART output for stx7111 chips
      fix for largefile Support
      reset TSM when tsm is in idle mode
      update jfsutils version 1.1.15
      update libungif version 4.1.4
      adding more compatibility for 3dmode
      ufs910 fix ca recording bug (camrouting)
      new entry hdmi/output allowing switchin output on off by proc
      fix ffmpeg patch
      add vfd scrolling to hs7810a
      update to version 4.1.4 supporting ghost mode
      fix hdmi hotplug error
      Add dual frontends for ADB_BOX
      add pcm delay support
      optimize st-merger
      update busybox 1.20.2
      update ffmpeg 0.11.1
      rework module detection handling
      rework module detection handling
      rework module detection handling
      Nv3 changes
      fix spark7162 driver by DboxOldie
      fix free memleak on flv streams (myvideo)
      fix transparent mode
      cleanup ci/ca dev creation handling
      fix spark7162 SIG and SNR dvb-s or dvb-t by dboxoldie

      FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

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